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Guild Wars 2 Christmas limited promotion save up 44.99$ for highest

12/26/2012 AM
ArenaNet has started to operate Christmas time promotion for Guild Wars 2.

From now until the United States Pacific standard time on night 12 o 'clock December 24, the Guild Wars 2 gold game will be sale the price of $59.99 down to price $44.99. And From now until the United States Pacific standard time next year on night 12 o 'clock January 7th, those who buy the game can be free upgrades to "digital deluxe edition" (value twenty dollars), and will receive the exclusive property "wizard hat".

Digital deluxe edition" will provide call mists fire Wolf elite skills, mini role Rytlock, the Holy Grail which could release PVP reward content honor one-time, the book which can improve your influence in the guild one-time, and allows you visit storage from any site access storage's like bankers within five days. "The wizard hat", can provide classic wizard modeling tire.

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