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Guild Wars 2 winter activity: play with snowmen

12/26/2012 AM
Festival happiness continued in real life and the Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet bring a lot of players enjoy their happy time in big ice and snow festival activities. I remember the first time of original Guild Wars game in ice and snow festivals, not only have a snowball fight with Grenatches, but also play the snowball in the process of walking. That activity makes me feel very happy, but now there are more gifts to cheer players.

In the past week, ArenaNet has added a new part in Dungeons everyday, and offer different contents for players every time. Complete Dungeons players will receive mini pet pieces with the theme of making new toy. Each mini pet are toys form, they will be the best biological we liked in Tyria. Of course, in order to receive all of the pieces produced one of the gw2 gold players; players need to repeatedly through Dungeons, or use their gold to buy pieces they do not have.

As the new events of Dungeons, there will have a new toy every day. These activities imitation dynamic event let players immersed in PvE world. It can help players did not play dungeons to participate in and know what to do. And it can also make the Dungeons easy to update everyday. The only fault is that if you have repeatedly through the Dungeons, you may want to experience some fresh content.

We’ve noticed there’s something different in battle between Tixx's puppet helper and Toxx. In a few battle, Toxx just slightly crazy, and the players’ task is to beat them. This is the way that Asura help their puppet into sleep mode method. But sometimes fight will toward different direction, Toxx will activates a shield, and only the mortar can get through, or he will attack heeling puppet toys. Perhaps this is not enough, but it does make the daily mop-up dungeons players have new things to play.

Tixx finished his great journey in the arch. Players can participate in "the reckoning" activities now, which are the ultimate activities of toy makers, players will repel floating in the factory with a crazy toys. The entire main objective is to protect the dolyaks, so they can delivery gift. Build snow wall and throw a stone machine just one of the way players’ group survival against. The dungeon gives a person the sense that is like a mixture of PvP element. Its change is praiseworthy compared with other dungeons of, and has left deep impression for everybody.

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