2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Guild Wars 2 will added new security system to eliminate plug-in users

12/27/2012 AM
Guild Wars 2 safety coordinator mike lewis published a blog in the game's official website said that, ArenaNet is going to open a big clean-up BOT game action.

It is understood that there have twenty BOT appeared average every hour in the Guild Wars 2 now, the most severe cases even reach 2000 BOTs each hour. In order to guarantee the safety of player's account, so we will add automation recognition and termination BOT user's system in the future of the game's update.

At the same time, ArenaNet said, if you find your account information was leaked, it is recommended that you should go to the game's official website immediately to recover or modify your account information.

BOT commonly known as robot, it is also called use bots in the modern online, it badly influence the balance of the network game, in terms of producers is a very big damage to the gw2 gold players or the game . So, the biggest problems of any online games is the plug-ins.

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