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Guild Wars 2: Dynamic war level

12/27/2012 AM
Dear Guild Wars 2 players,supports and all friends pay attention to Guild Wars 2:

In most of the game, the level is a very important symbol, on behalf of your strength and class, etc. So the basic level is fixed, everybody in the game makes upgrade as one of the ultimate goal. But in Guild Wars 2 gold, the role level is often change, different environment, different maps, can change your level. Especially in the world war, all levels are 80 level, that to say is the most fair world war play.

Instant get to 80 level, and experience the huge world battlefield

In Guild Wars 2, as long as you complete a new copy of the guidance, you can enter the world battlefield, and experience the fun of instantaneous level 80. At the same time, in the Guild Wars 2 world battle, the novice players can also be involved, and the new drivers there won't be forced to make a contribution in the game. In addition, different scale team in the game also have different goals, so players also don't have to join a guild to contribute.

Dynamic level could let game content experienced infinite

The gw2 gold game content of Guild Wars 2 is very large, each map contains rich content, and upgrade in the Guild Wars 2 is very simple. But even if you are at level 80, when you into the map of the level 30, dynamic rating system will also adjust your attribute according to your current surroundings level, and offer you the right level to experience the current map content and play, that won't appear high grade into low map with the problem of no challenge and a sense of achievement.

Everyone is equal on the battlefield, dynamic level comprehensive adjustment.

In many special map, especially the emphasis placed on equality fair PK map, there will have dynamic rating system for you to create balanced PK environment, such as Halloween activities of a lot of entertainment map, everyone has been adjusted for 80 level, and enjoy the fun of spooky Halloween. 

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