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Guild Wars 2 players are expected to build APP

12/28/2012 AM
When mentioned ArenaNet founder Mike O 'Brien, players may be quite familiar with him, he was old employees from Blizzard, the chief producer and chief programmer particular in project development of "starcraft" "diablo", "Warcraft 2 & 3". Mike O 'Brien is also the inventor of MPQ format packet, and the naming of MPQ is from Mike O' Brien Pack.

Mike explained that with the experience working in Blizzard,he was pay more attention to the game quality. ArenaNet has new team and they are creating different things everyday. With more than five years hard work, Guild Wars 2 has big difference from before, and the most difference is that in Arena every players has the opportunity to meet with the workers or give advise directly. They can also give feedback according to official community、Twitter and Youtube.

Mike stressed that Guild Wars 2 offer different ways of play according to different needs of players, each player from simple PVE model to the current campaign hand PVP component and more large-scale world campaign. When asked that whether Guild Wars 2 will develop mobile terminal applications, Mike said he hopes the gw2 gold player's develop APP application themselves, Guild Wars 2 may achieve this kind of form through the open API in the future.

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