2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

MMOPRG online game Guild Wars 2 has dominate the European market

12/28/2012 AM
MMOPRG online game Guild Wars 2 has been dominate all platform game sales charts in Europe.It was listed in top of Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium game list.

ArenaNet chairman said "our game in Europe can get high praise, and this fever pitch is respected. That also reminds us the duty to the Guild Wars 2 gold players, and explained why we have limiting the selling work of Guild Wars 2 recently, in fact we are working hard in order to maintain server with high quality operation. Of course, we hope to correct the in the near future ."

This game is released on Aug 28th, it has sold 1 million for pre-oder before opened.

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