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It is difficult to play the copy of Guild Wars 2

12/30/2012 AM
A few years ago many players complained the difficulty of the Guild Wars senior copy, now similar situation appeared in the Guild Wars 2, in the official BBS, a post from the game designer Colin Johanson,he talked about the balance and the difficulty of the adjustment of the copy.

Colin Johanson said: First Guild Wars players complainted that is "impossible" "the fate of monster damage", "terrorist HP 'and so on to the copy of Domain of Anguish. For the player's feedback, what we do is to keep the same difficulty at the time of practice, and allow the player to study how to play, so a few months later, the gw2 gold players in the game looked like as the copy of the most interesting content.

He also said that: "for the copy of Guild Wars 2, we will do so too, our internal test team has through the copy rely on operation technology, and cooperate with each other, the different professional skills between interaction, use food and add buff consumables and correct tactics and so on, several internal comparative high-end team even think copy is too simple, but we won't go to increase the difficulty.

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