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Guild Wars 2: Data security is quite difficult

12/30/2012 AM
Data security has always been a big difficult problem for developers and operators of the games, and recently SONY entertainment online was  attacked by hacker, 77 million user data was stolen, and a wake-up call to give the game developers and operators.

Recently, the Guild Wars 2 producer Eric Flannum and John Peters said the user data security will be a difficult task to ArenaNet players. Although ArenaNet never in the official BLOG talked to players on the data security construction work, but the workload are rather complicated.

They said, in the Guild Wars 2 operation, there has data account information leakaged, therefore the ArenaNet hope in the Guild Wars 2 "during operation to avoid such things happen, but they also just try to just, because in data security maintenance has too much uncertainty. They are now spend a lot of energy for data security related work, the work in the previous has revealed few to Guild Wars 2 gold players, but it is very important.

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