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Guild Wars 2 game development teams: skills are very important

12/30/2012 AM
Issued by the Guild Wars 2 official game information less and less, so for the Guild Wars 2 game fans, if you want to know more detailed information of the game, that interview is a very good way. In a recent interview, Guild Wars 2 developers provide a lot about the game attribute system, Guild Wars 2 game skills, etc.

In most online games, players will encounter character attributes choosed by wrong, and then take the game point to correct it. Guild Wars 2 provides a relatively simple in the case of characters attributes to players, and do not need to spend the game point.

gw2 gold players are concerned about the relationship between the skills and level very much. Guild Wars 2 chief designer Eric Flannum revealed: skills in Guild Wars 2 are especially important. It's about the scope of the players level difference. Such as difference of ten level or above player, the player's gear and raw power is particularly important. Similar players, skill is relative share slightly big. We pay much attention to the game, the player skill component.

Like handmade goods players must be very happy, manual products are beautifull as the game items in Guild Wars 2. Handiwork equipment quality will be achieved the same as the best rewards in
Guild Wars 2 game or boss drops device.

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