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Guild Wars 2 designer: A responsible company will provide free new content

12/31/2012 AM
Now free has become the mainstream of online games market, but how to free, what things should be free and how long does the free will lastes are different, that all depend on the developers. Guild Wars 2 chief content designer Colin Johansen in the official website said: although the client need to buy in Guild Wars 2, but they hope to launch new content that can be freely available to the gw2 gold player.

He said:"We are very grateful to the player who are willing to spend money to buy lots of update and new content, but we are more willing to offer them free of charge, because we think this is a responsible online company should do."

Guild Wars 2 has sold more than 2 million copies, developers ArenaNet had begun to make the new content, in a previous article, the official mentioned new events, new copies, and new boss, etc., of course the Guild Wars 2 gold game listed soon, new updates may not happen quickly.

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