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Guild Wars 2 will launched more endings task

12/31/2012 AM
AreaNet talked about the Guild Wars 2 game endings and balance in the official blog recently. The development team do not want every player to spend on hundreds of hours of play time, or complete many tasks to see the same ending. Instead they want gw2 gold players gain their harvest more from the game experience.

Quality control manager Mike Zadorojny said, the development team provides all kinds of possible ending for all levels of players. Players in the game will have their own process, rather than in a rut. Once the character grow up to level 80 limit, the dynamic game events will become more big,and the fight is far more spectacular, the game will have a stronger sense of epic.

Guild Wars 2: Shire quests

Launching of Guild Wars 2 is just the beginning, the development team will also join the new types of events, new underground city, the new leader, new reward and the new exploration area.

Stylist Jon Peters said, they will continue to contribute to constantly adjust the balance of the Guild Wars 2 gold game. "We have been frequent adjustment game balance in the past, but every change is the need to keep the stability of the content. In the future, we will also devote more attention to this respect, present a more rich depth of combat system for all of you."

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