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Guild Wars 2 more grand content after full level

12/31/2012 AM
A lot of online content have significant in early and late of points, the players want to upgrade role learning skills, later is mostly raid or large PvP. what's the situation of Guild Wars 2? The content of the ArenaNet designer Mike Zadorojny had do a detailed explanation in late game content.

Zadorojny said the Guild Wars 2 has blend "the traditional online later content and high-end content into the game in each level, that to say the game can not reach a certain level that once play after the content or play after 100 hours. We hope players in each stage, each step can experience the so-called later content, so we will present these wonderful things at every level and every possible opportunity to the player."

He said each Guild Wars  2 gold player in their first task can experience the "late content" - a massive boss war, and each race battle content is different. Of course the fight is just a beginning, Zadorojny said: "our hope is that players in the risk process can obtain such experience, an experience allows them to remember and cherish ."

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