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Media News: Guild Wars 2 will launch new expansion

01/03/2013 AM
From the news of Dec 31st, Daewoo in the Korea Issuing securities company KDB explained at an interview, he said that NCsoft will have a big update on Guild Wars 2 expansion.

"Through the analysis of NCsoft next year and the recent financial performance, we could see that the company main business in the fourth quarter profit is from the Guild Wars", it had become the highest market profit game company in North American and European. According to a recent visit to NCsoft company headquarters, we have a conclusion that although the Guild Wars 2 had its first update, but players do not seem to satisfy with that, so in 2013 NCsoft will have a large scale update once again to the Guild Wars 2.

Meanwhile, the Media said Guild Wars 2 has become the first choice of Guild Wars 2 gold players’ works now, so the game update will attack more new players to join the process.

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