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ArenaNet News:Users-Defined PvP Mode might be added to Guild Wars 2

01/11/2013 AM
 Again,Mr.Jonathan Sharp had to face the angry players who have been waiting for sPvP System. Still he could only list the prior schedule what the develop team is working on,and only this. Here it is som previews of the new factions:
1. Users-Defined Mode that could help players enjoy more of freedom on defining the game,is regarded as universal measure for sPvP;with this, ArenaNet doesn't even need to worry about holding Users-Defined Games Competitions;
2. Users-Matched Mode might add factions of Ranking Points Matched System and Leader Panel,which might be good news to most of players who is fond of Champions Contest Modes, isn't it?!
3. Instructions for sPvP for newcomers seems available soon as nearly none in use they could turn to;
4. 1 team v 1 team. ArenaNet might have also noticed there are less and less PvP players and it's some different to match a championship game of 8 teams. And those changes might help improve this situation,especially short the time in queueing and for matching. All seems like silence before a strong storm,however, we have to wait for another 2 months at least for more details of changes,which I named "Exhibition" !

We are all looking forward to the updates,however, it looks like we have to be more patient or at least lower the expectation for it.As Jonathan Sharp said clearly that we couldn't have any updates in Jan.Maybe some contained in some news in the future. I know all of you have been bored with such news "Coming soon", compared with this, you might prefer nothing reported, don't you?

Personally, i think the biggest shortcoming might be Observation Mode during Users-Defined Mode Games. Don't you think it lacks some fun without audience who could join in and making comments live or later?
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