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Guild Wars 2: January updates will increase the drop way of legend lead

01/16/2013 AM
It is over for a long time since the last we've heard from ArenaNet, he said they will improve the rate of legend lead weapon drop in the game. In order to make the things more clarity, Colin Johanson has published the development time axis to the community.

Since I know many of you have been talking about the lead weapon, I've looked at the update progress of the system quickly. We are not pay main attentions on the improvement of legend lead drop mechanism. This is our future plan, and we are designing its function, as there's no one positive to build this function, so you still don't expect it's release appeared in January, February or march.

But we are actively make reward system now, we are working hard in order to let everybody get more reward in all parts of the game, and make the open world more value, then use our eternal open world advantages, or through the new reward system increase several you can obtain lead weapons method.

Some update will published in Jan, and we will release more details in one or two weeks later once we finished the test.

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