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Guild Wars 2 PvP will add the user-defined mode

01/16/2013 AM
Jonathan Sharp explained the sPVP production process to the angry Guild Wars 2 gold players again, and they also list the priority list of the development team, but it is only the schedule. Below is the Guild Wars 2 new version function quick reference which ArenaNet is making.

User-defined Mode

It is always called as the "Universal agent" of sPVP, simply to say, the user-defined mode allow the player to have full freedom to define the game model, ArenaNet don't have to do anything to hold the user-defined game.

Matching Mode

The improved championship form is a good news to all of the people. After the improvement there may increase leader panel,and also may have matching rank integral.

Novice Tutorial

It seems they want more players are introduced to sPVP, because there are no current novice tutorial.

1 team v 1 team

Maybe ArenaNet has realize that there are less and less PvP players in Guild Wars 2, it is hard to build a 8 team tournament. Such changes to shorten the round time has do a great help, especially in the queue and matching time, the waiting time would be shorter.

Now it seems so slient, but we have to wait at least 2 months to see update release, maybe there will be a new change.

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