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New Update is coming!

01/19/2013 AM

According to news of ArenaNet,there comes a new update in Guild Wars 2 on January 28th,which is called Guesting!With this system, you could play with your mates in other worlds.
As we all know,that we don't have to pay any fee to do the transfer from one to another,however, it might end on Jan.28th.So it's better for you to make up your mind what world do you want to stay to play actually.(Of course it's no problem that you have enough gw2 gold or are willing to buy gw2 gold to power yourself!)
Here is how guesting system works:
1.Click "World Selection" when you logged in the game;
2."Guest" the world you want to visit;
3."Play" any character you want to use;
That's all!

In order to balance the worlds of the game,ArenaNet did have some restrictions on guesting system though:
1.As it's not like a transfer from one to another,so guesting system only works in the same region, North American 
worlds or European worlds or vice versa;
2.You could not join in WvW wars on the guest world.If you insist on it then you might be sent back to your home worlds or you have to buy gw2 gold to pay a full transfer for it;
3.As long as you decide what world you want to guest,it would be the one of your eligible guest worlds for the next 24 hrs.After 24 hours, you may choose to guest on a different world. You may log in to any world you are eligible to guest on as many times as you wish with no restriction.
4.Tips:Full or highly populated  worlds might increase the risk on suffering overflow maps if you are insisted on guesting such wolrds;

Again,you have to know something more:
1. A gem fee might cost you for a full transfer;
2. The gem fee is up to the population of the world you want to transfer to,the higher the more expensive;
3. You have to wait 7days for another transfer of one account;
4. Worlds showed "Full" is still not available for players to transfer to!

Even there are such restrictoins on guesting system, I am sure that most of you are glad to guest your friends in other worlds freely and play with them for some while. Good luck,guys!

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