2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Plans of Guild Wars 2 developing in the future!

01/19/2013 AM
PVE and Ruined Region
Daily/Monthly Achievement system will be added soon,which would also increase the 
opportunity for mutual assistance such as concentration, revive and so on between players 
to help them know more meanings of the game; It will also encourage the players to visit the 
regions they used to stay; More content will be added into Guild System.In the economy page 
of Guild system,more tiers will be added for guild members to show off! And amazing rewards of achievement would also be parts of showing off for those players who have completed a lot of achievements, which also doesn't need to buy gw2 gold to meet. All the structures and more details will be announced in the next few months;

Many fixes might be done in the future from the way of killing bosses to the awards,some of them might be deleted,some more will added (not in details though);

Looking For Group (LFG) System
New LFG system will be across the whole game,not only for dungeons,sPvP, world events and so 
on, but also for events alike for players to enjoy more,which might also be a long term 

User-defined system is close to be available,which we have been confirming there would be no 
bugs; And also, more options for PVP will be brought to players from 
ranking,matching,observing and so on; Based on the situation huge tPvP games do have 
difficult on getting started,brand new system for it is being developed by our team,which 
might be used on map Temple of Silent Storm (it has huge potential); More armors for PVP 
will be added as well; 

Searches on bringing players more awards and experiences on WvW is now under going; Amazing 
experiences will attract or encourage more players to join in WvW; More armors for WvW only 
is also be one of the parts; or you might have to buy gw2 gold to gain amazing items;

Balance of AoE skills

Most WvW and sPvP players are all confused about AoE skills.They prefer to use AoE skills but skip those monomer skills. So that we are going to decrease the effect of AoE skills to help players to know more fun of their class,their characters and also the game;

Balance of Weapons and classes

For most of MMORPGs,the biggest problem is the balance of weapons and classes. And also it should be full of changes so that players would be able to enjoy more,but not taste it and then quit it; We have been working on this for sure!

More details please focus on our updates;

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