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New Guild Wars 2 Material daily sales

01/21/2013 PM
Hi All, Guild Wars 2 Material promo is up again for a limited time only, do get it before the offer expires. Listed below you'll find some of the best material, and all those goods are with bargain price on our gw2goldbuyer.com.

The Guild Wars 2 EU include four products which is: The Dreamer, Twilight, Whisperblade and The Predetor.

The Dreamer: 

Weapon Strength: 980 - 1083
+98 Power
+70 Toughness
+70 Vitality
Superior Sigil of Purity
60% Chance on Critical: Remove a Condition
(Cooldown: 10 Seconds)
Short Bow 
Damage Type: Physical
Required Level: 80

The Bow is a little winky, and when the arrows become a rainbow pony head, then it will drag the rainbow. The Dreamer is the most fabulous weapon, and you can get it only with $725.85.


Knockback all targets in front of you

Range: 285

1.The Twilight blade is the beauty night sky (in fact, it is the Milky Way). 

2.Viewed from different perspectives, the scenery is difference as if look at the sky from the window.

3. All throwing big sword projectiles will become Twilight 

Now we offer Twilight at price $797.59


Weapon Strength: 904 - 1000
+64 Power
+90 Precision
+64 Condition Damage
Superior Sigil of Peril
Increase Inflicted Vulnerability Duration: 10%
Sword Exotic
Damage Type: Physical
Required Level: 80

Mystic Forge recipe = scroll + ecto's + coins + orich sword blades.

As the official wiki sell at 119 gold for one Whisperblade, our site here only for $ 93.52 now.

The Predator:

Predator's Instinct

Apply cripple to foes you hit when they are below 25% health (15-second cooldown).
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