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How to make players re-explore the world of Guild Wars 2?

01/28/2013 PM
The system which most impressed me is the new achievement system in the recent Guild Wars 2, the new system lately exposure is still not online.

I think that ArenaNet is very brilliant in dealing with some problems in games such as the contents. It has make the biggest advantage of the game and players can reap the rewards once they are doing the contents. And a lot of players ignore a problem that is how many contents in the game between twenty - sixty level. The Level range has ensured the fun content in every moment. That is so fun, but not just because of welfare.

I saw some workers have been discussing that whether the game with low exploration enthusiasm is because of the poor reward. For me, it is likely to be the biggest reason. ArenaNet has designed a system which players will be able to enjoy fun and then you will be return to any level area, but they must be punished by reducing the rate of reward and cut drop. 

If ArenaNet has ready for the daily system, and when the reward system mysterious gw2 gold first appeared, we will see the Guild Wars 2 daily task will be better.

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