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Guild Wars 2 Korea server change will charged according to the users percentage

01/28/2013 PM
ArenaNet announced today that the game Guild Wars 2 will has a update at 28th of this month, the the contents of updating called "fire and frost: prelude", and that just is the prelude contents of Guild Wars 2 .

New PVP map

From Jan 28th to Feb 4th, the pay-paid ArenaNet map will be changed to Temple of the Silent Storm, and from the original eight teams play three rounds (competitive mode) into two teams play a round, after February 4th, the new map will be added free into the pay-paid map.

Strengthen the achievement system

Every day of the week you will have different achievement goal, changeable is no longer for killing a few monsters every day, adopt a few ore, do several events and so on, that encourage Guild Wars 2 gold players to explore the world more and also can add a record device track your progress.

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