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Flame & Frost prelude in Guild Wars 2

01/29/2013 AM
Hiya guys,there came the new updates in Guild Wars 2 with lots of new features.What's the most favorite one of 

Changes on Temple of the Silent Storm
The regular eight-team/three-round paid tournaments will be replaced by two-team/single-round paid tournaments in 
the Temple of the Silent Storm map from January 28—February 4.Temple of the Silent Storm to the regular rotation 
of both free and paid tournaments will be added as the week is over.

Achievement System Updates
Exploring the open world will gain a new rotation of daily achievements. You’ll get different more achievements 
because of the new daily achievement system and also it will be easier for you to track all your progress by the 
new achievement tracker in the UI.

New Achievement Laurels
Brand-new laurels will be gained as a reward for daily and monthly achievements! And those laurels will bring you 
amazing gears and infusions.

Guesting System
Finally you can play with some new friends on other worlds in the same region (North America, Europe) without 
changing your homeworld. Though guesting is free, yet going forward there will be a gem fee for transferring home 
worlds, so make sure you’re on the home world you want to permanently play on before 28 January!

New Utility Infusions and Ascended Amulets
A wide range of new gear that can be purchased with the new laurels.With 5 new Utility Infusions and 30 Ascended Amulets to choose from, there’s something for every style of player.

More Upgrades and Improvements
Tons of other improvements to the game this month, such as enhanced performance in WvW, tweaks to the dynamic level adjustment system, and UI improvements, which will be detailed in our release notes.

New Items in the Gem Store
In the Gem Store,you should have found out what you are fond of,haven't you? No matter what,you might need more gw2 gold to buy the gems to get those new items! Check it out HERE now!

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