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Guild Wars 2 is going to join in the PvP paid tournament event

01/31/2013 AM
Good News! Guild Wars 2 is going to add a big update of paid tournament event, and the 'Temple of the Silent Storm' will be the key point in this update, here let's have a look at the new contents:

First, the map 'Temple of the Silent Storm' will be the conventional map in SPVP, and the Game system is revised as Two teams single contest from Eight team / 3 games. One week later, we will rotate the 'Temple of the Silent Storm' to join free and paid game map group.

Second, We will add a new daily achievement rotation, and add new varieties to encourage everyone exploring the open world. You will see the achievements of different projects every day of the week, and we also will add a new achievement tracker UI, so that to making it easier for you to find your achievements progress.

Third, you can play with your Guild Wars 2 gold players in the same server and do not need to transfer server through the guests system, but this function can only support the same game server group.

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