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Guild wars 2 new championship game system online

02/01/2013 AM
We have been immersed in the PVP new content since the last Guild Wars 2 update, and as usual, we have checked the player's feedback and advice in the BBS. 

So I'm glad to tell you that from the player's feedback, we will start a new championship game system testing during Jan 28th to Feb 4th. That will be a 1 to 1 team competition, rather than the last eight team it is used be. During the test, free championship can also be carried out, but in the end of this week after the test, we will replace into paying championships.

Test system operation mechanism

We use the map of silent storm temple to test the new system for the adaptability of the championship, and the new system will choose two team for a single game. That means that in the test, you will no longer need through three rounds to win the championship award; On the contrary, you only need just a game.

Join method is the same as previous tournaments: 

1, Enter the PVP hall (After accomplish the task in the tutorials, click on the top left corner of the screen Guild Wars 2 cross double sword mark) 
2, Dialogue with tournament masters 
3, Enter into the championship map you've choosed

When you're join in the Guild Wars 2 gold game in this mechanism, both teams will enter the map at the same time. Win or not is decided from one round, the two teams will get the corresponding reward. Then two teams will be transferred back to the hall, where they can into the championship queue once again.

We hope you can timely feedback to us the double team competition mechanism, and help us evaluate some related Settings, and ultimately make PVP steady development. Our goal is to ensure that the Guild Wars 2 PVP content popularity, fast matching play, and let you obtain repayment for your pay time, but also bring you a strong game continuity. We need to make sure our system can do these things, the new tournament system will help us learn more different development direction in the future development of PVP.

Entrance fee and reward

Admission: 1 championship tickets

Champion reward

1 championship tickets
200 honor
200 rank value
1 point QP
1 silver pay championship treasure box

The second reward

100 honor
100 rank value
1 copper pay championship treasure box

This is it! Get in the game to experience this new system!

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