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What is Living Story?

02/02/2013 AM
Hello,everyone! I'm Angel McCoy, the plot designer in Guild Wars 2 Living story. Here I would like to make a simply introduction about the contents and it's meaning for the world of Tyria, and also how to make players to experience its' fun more. I've worked here for several months, and I'd like to share these with you, our whole ArenaNet member wish you may like this contents.

What is the Living Story?

Living story team work is to give the whole world into energy. In a continuous development of the world as the foundation, we will release a series of story line, the story will bring you new heroes, mysterious stories and dramatic moment to influence the world.

You will find the new dynamic events, there are some will change the Tyria, and you will have the opportunity to take part in the history of creation.

If you like interactivity story, and you will find the interesting place of Tyria residents, the content is designed for you. This content designed is to change the world, portraying the game challenging. These contents are all not sitted to let your character up, you will find yourself more frequent login to see what story you've entered into.

Living story is short (duration), but it is permanent (to the world of change). Once Story prelude opened, it will soon development. Each part of the Living story will only on a particular time can participate in, but it affects the whole world, and the people who Living on it. Living story will give them impress upon, flowers or tears, and these wounds or blessing is permanent.

Theme story line

After a period of time the story line will end. You don't have to know how long a story line will last, and some may take several months to complete expansion. We are prepare a lot of stories, and finally these will together become a huge viscous world, a story of rivers, a real world. Please pay attention to Guild Wars 2 official for more detailed content. In the present story line, we started in January 28th of "fire and frost" has begun to slowly change the world.

In the living story, you will meet new roles, these roles can regular back adventuring with you. You will slowly know heroes and villains, these roles can add Guild Wars 2 mystique, flashily sex and dramatic. These new roles has the close practice with some people who you already know and love or hate role, and many famous people also can appear in our story.

For instance, in the next few months in a moment, you will meet a called Rox bloody legionary, she is black with castle to rock (shire hero) training together. She and to rock will be responsible for processing the disaster, but they'll also need your help area protection dangerous area of the bloody legion assets.

Not holiday activities but life

Living story tell us the difference between game's holiday or large events, because it is evolving story line, not a single festival. We will be in our normal game released in introduced main plot. In this way, you will probably only be involved in some part of the story - introduction, details, sequence chapter - but as the story unfolds, you will participate in subject content, we introduce to solve the mysteries. We will be good a long story, and hope you can also participate in long-term.

Because living story are designed into a vivid experience, so the story content sometimes don't like holiday or large events that in a big way. You will witness Tyria people's life, as a testimony them against their enemies, witness they make their own decisions, regardless of right and wrong, as a testimony against them to pay the consequences; And if you choose to join, you will be a witness they went through the darkest of friends, to participate in their celebration.

The game support

We've introduced a new achievement classification, living story achievement, it will guide you to participate in us in this world for you to set the plot. These achievements will give you a special title and reward. The map and living story achievement column of the guide will help you go to you need to place, contact you need to contact the characters.

In addition, each city has hired herald to release the latest news. The herald in each city will be two key position, and help you find the latest living story event, so you can always know where to go to find the latest story.

Fire and frost: prelude

This month, you can go to experience as a prelude to the rest of the story appetizer. This content will last for about a few months events, so in the end of the story before you have a lot of time to play the Guild Wars 2 gold, and we will soon expand its contents.

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