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Guild Wars 2 risk password will be forced to modify

02/02/2013 AM
Account security is a very important subject to Guild Wars 2 players. Mike O 'Brien earlier also introduces account security knowledge in detail, one of the ways of our account for your protection is to create the password, the password is blacklist hackers used in the past and has been used to browse your account information. Due to the blacklist in protecting the new account was successful, so we require all existing users to change their password.

In fact, in creating password blacklist before the group of users inside, there is a part of the user's password is in the blacklist, in the past three months we have been reminded of the users, and that, in their login in red to warn their password risks, encourage (does not require) you change the password. From February 2013 7 day, we will change the requirements.

So, if you still use our  password September 2012 and has password in the blacklist, we will ask you to choose a new password.

Of course, you are completely don't need to wait until February 7, if have your old password, please visit the account management web site to modified today.

When you change the password, the system will not allow you to choose the password or before we have being and not being account test to the password. Therefore, the password after modification, your new password will be the guild wars 2 "in unique. But, you only don't use this password in other games and site to guarantee the uniqueness of the password, so if you pay attention to their own account security, please only in the Guild Wars 2 gold in using this password.

We will be forced change password in a period of time, so you don't have to wait until February 7 to modify. Now that you can choose a new independent password!

If you think there has a problem in the new independent code, and now there are millions of password has been on the blacklist, we recommend that you set up four random words as a password, such as "correct horse battery staple". According to the comic strip statistics, myopia everyone from 2000 almost the same word choice password, still have 16 trillion different password.

Pls remember: confidentiality, security, see you in the game!

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