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Guild Wars 2: related changes about dynamic level adjustment system

02/04/2013 AM
Arenanet game designer Isaiah Cartwright has brought us a story about dynamic level adjustment. The article summarized the basic idea of the system and change.

Here is the details:

Hello, I'm Isaiah Cartwright, the Guild Wars 2 game designer. Today I want to talk about changes of our dynamic level adjustment system, players can enjoy the content of the map in any map with the appropriate level.

We have several issues about the system change. When a high level gw2 gold player to lower map, they looks too strong, and the map content seems to be with no challenging. So we have reduced some reward.

From the update of Jan 28th, we have done some dynamic adjustment system changes to solve these problems.

1) we have changed the dynamic level adjustment system properties calculation formula, so that we can make senior players to return to the lower area, and become more interesting and with good balance.

2) we modified the bonus calculation formula, when senior players to lower area, then the reward will be scaled down.

Our goal is to adjust to a certain level stage more accurately and reflect character attributes met with other low-level Guild Wars 2 gold players. This will allow some areas to remain challenging, our aim is to make the  all map for any level of players in Guild Wars 2 have a challenging and interesting experience. We also hope that any level players think it is is worth to spend time to experience each map and obtain the reward.

In 2013, our goal is to focus on all the map to add more content, and we have let the world map any place have a rich reward. This will bring us a strong experience, challenges and rewards of community, role dynamic level adjustment system will do helpful for game experience.

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