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Guild Wars 2 released plot system, players can change the main process

02/04/2013 AM
With the "fire and frost: preview" on-line, the Guild Wars 2 ushered in the first living story.

"Living Story" system will instill new vitality to the game, a series of story line construction in the continuous development of the game world basis, and bring new characters, plot and dramatic moment. Players have the opportunity to participate in history, and permanent change the Tyria. "Fire and frost: preview" is just the beginning, the player will be a volunteer to help refugees refugees in the future, and gradually into more long new story development process. This system is different from large events or holiday activities, it has its own achievement system.

In addition, the official also notice in the password of user list, from February 7 began players have to use reset the new password log in, and that in order to protect the safety of the account.

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