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Guild wars 2: WvW ranking update delay to March

02/14/2013 PM
Because of the need of further test, WvW patch updated scheduled for February has been postponed to March.

Guild wars 2 team are busying for PVP patch's released in February, original February patch will be involved in sPVP and WvW. However, Colin Johanson has told the players in the BBS that February patch will not looking forward to WvW content:

"In the process of patch in February, we know the WvW update takes a lot of work and need to be delayed for a month."

"Because most function of any major WvW update in WvW game need further testing, so we need to postpone WvW patch release to March, that can allow us to have a little more time to test and improvement".

He also talked about a player will see those new game content in March after the update. March of the patch will add new WvW ranking system, a new ranking system will assess each person's WvW ability and bounty, and your ranking visible.

Colin Johanson detailed points out some gw2 gold players will update in March will experience the new content: these include on-hook kicked out, in addition to get the score, there are additional gain integral way. That attack more people to join WvW, and to resolve the problem of line up for a long time.

ArenaNet will post more the latest update information in the later days .

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