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Guild Wars 2 PVP pay map coming February 26th

02/15/2013 AM
From the lastest news, ArenaNet has announced that they will open large PVP activity process on February 26th, and through the Flame and Frost: Prelude, the game will open more new contents in PVP.

It is said that: This prelude activities will be divided into four phases, the first phase is opened on the beginning of Feb, and the second stage "Storm Gathering" will be updated on Feb 26th. The second phase will open a new PVP map "Spirit Watch", at the same time it has increased the guild challenge task, team PVP qualifying system and daily achievement system.

According to official news, the SPVP game revision of the preheating has begun, format from eight team 3 round conversion to two team single round. From the player's feedback, we know that officials have decided to keep this format for the championship. And in the begins of each week, the official will choose a different map as this week's pay game map. Free competition schedule will not be changed, the next map will be "The Battle of Kyhlo".

In addition officials have begun to test PVP rating and matching system. At present, the player's rating is based on their performance and team match. However, the system is still in the test phase, it will do more adjustment, and will release more update information.

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