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Guides for Daily Achievement in Guild Wars 2

02/16/2013 AM

As we all know,there came Daily Achievement System on last updates.I think most of you are not familiar how it 
works exactly,here are some guides that may help you some:
1.General Description:

Daily Kill Variety 13
Daily Kills 60
Daily Aquatic Kills 25
Daily Gatherer        20
Daily Events        5
Daily Crafter        10
Daily Healer        10
Daily Dodger        15
Daily Veteran Slayer 5
Daily Laurel Vendor 1

2.In details:

Daily Kill Variety: You need kill various monsters,which was counted by the types of the monsters strictly, for 
example,Earth Elemental and Light Elemental are considered as Elemental type,that means,it wont increase the 
number you have to meet. And in PVP mode, gw2 gold players are classified by races,which means,you could only gain 5points max;

Daily Kills: You should keep it in mind that only "dead" enemies are counted, and also in sPvP mode, it doesn't 

Daily Aquatic Kills: It's almost the same as "Daily kills",however,all the kills should happen in aquatic;

Daily Gatherer: It counts when durability consumes every time(those with lower level gathering tools couldn't be 

Daily Events: Complete the Events(Counted when gained currency+Karma),however,skill points couldn't be counted;

Daily Crafter: Eveything made from Crafter will be counted,including refining;

Daily Healer: Revive any players or NPC;

Daily Dodger: Roll to escape attacks,and only counted when "Evaded" showed up; 

Daily Veteran Slayer: Only counted when you have killed veteran slayers to death successfully;

Daily Laurel Vendor: Talk to any Laurel Vendor here and there.

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