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Guild Wars 2 coming with new PVP flag map

02/17/2013 AM
Guild Wars 2 is going to add a new PVP map of "Spirit Watch”, which is based on the flag mode, and players need to win victory through fighting the energy ball in the battle. 

Spirit Watch map central alter will constantly refresh energy ball, Guild Wars 2 gold player who grabbed the energy ball and their role skills will not change, but their movement speed will be reduced by 40%, and at the same time player carry energy ball still cannot use the blinking skills, otherwise, they will immediately drop ball of energy.

Player got the energy ball needs to deliverer the ball to his own or neutral area stronghold to increase their scores, and his own stronghold is 30 points, neutral area stronghold is 15 points. Of course, the last game will be discriminated by both sides of the score.

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