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Guild Wars 2 :Dropped rate will be adjusted soon in next update!

02/20/2013 AM

  According to the report of the problem about rewards,some updates should be made for it soon.

  As it was mentioned before that there isn't any problem on the list of dropping items,still,many players fed back with the same issue: You might have killed a monster to death (Rare ones) and gained Exp and karma or any others but no spoils of war.

  And all these bugs will be improved in next update for sure to make all the players gain their spoils of war;it was said that any rare monster (elite monsters) will drop at least 1 Blue item as killing rewards and also all the copper ring blames will get higher dropping rate than normal mosters'.

  Notice: All players might not gain the spoils of war as they don't match the needs (however,it's the only case),and also,copper ring blames is going to have high dropping rate than normal monsters',it doesn't mean 100% drops.More details will come out soon,please focus on us!

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