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Guild Wars 2 will modify the loot rules

02/21/2013 PM
The problem of some guild wars 2 players caused numerous complaints for a long time, that is the players who played the BOSS are lazy waiting for pick up the practice of loot,Guild Wars 2 official forum has released a report of monster drop survey.

The offcial decided to set a limit on picking up and dropping with, so that player must make enough damage to loot, and lazy players may return with empty.

In Guild wars 2 forum, Guild Wars 2 gold players often talk about the drop problems, such as when players come together to fight against a very tough monster (who has a long health), which found that there are some players lazy, and they are just to play BOSS for a few times, and that did not cause much damage.

After investigation, the official has made a decision that they will fall to modify the problem.

Pick up rules of the modified patch will come at the end of the month, when all the Champion level monsters will correct drop a blue quality or higher quality prize, other elite monster drop will be in accordance with the original release rules.

After the update, players can still in monsters, don't make enough damage and trophies, but this rule does not apply to Champion level monsters, Champion level for the monster must meet certain damage quantity can be loot.

So , the next update will let the lazy players empty-handed, let's waittng for it in the game ?

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