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Great Cook--Guild Wars 2 Genius Player

02/25/2013 AM


  There was a genius player in Guild Wars 2,who cooked real dishes according to the recipes in the game.It was said

  they are edible. Here I will show you some dishes made from him*her weekly:

  1.Kale Soup

  A.Materials in the game: Bowl of Herbed Vegetable Stock*1,Kale leaf*1,Onion*1,Potato*1

  B.Stuffs in Real life:Ingredients (8 servings): 1.2 liters vegetable stock,300 g kale, finely cut,1 large or 2

  small potatoes,1 large or 2 small onions,1*4 tsp dried or 1 sprig fresh rosemary*1*4 tsp dried or 2 leaves fresh

  sage*1*4 tsp dried or 1 sprig fresh thyme*2 bay leaves,Salt, pepper, oil.

  2.Grilled bananas with passion fruit sauce

  A.Materials in the game:Bottle of Passion Fruit Sauce*1,Banana*1;

  B.Stuffs in Real life:Grilled bananas with passion fruit sauce,Ingredients (4 portions):4 bananas,2 passion

  fruits, 100 g sugar,35 g + 1 tsp butter,1 vanilla bean.

  3.Cinnamon pinwheels

  A.Materials in the game:Pile of Cinnamon and Sudar*1,Ball of Dough*1;

  B.Stuffs in Real life:Cinnamon pinwheels - GW version,Ingredients (makes 16 bites):250 g flour,125 ml water,

  lukewarm,15 g melted butter,Sugar,Cinnamon.

  4.Tomato soup

  A.Materials in the game:Bowl of Cream Soup Base*1,Bowl of Tangy Sautee Mix*1,Tomato*1,Bag of Suger*1;

  B.Stuffs in Real life:Ingredients (6 servings):800 ml poultry stock (from a cube or homemade) or vegetable stock

  for vegan version,800 g tomatoes,1 tblsp sugar,1 large onion,3 cloves of garlic,Vegetable oil,Salt and pepper to

  taste,100 ml cream, milk, or sour cream*50 g butter*60 g flour.

  5.Apple Passion Fruit Pie

  A.Materials in the game:Cinnamon Apple*1,Ball of Dough*1,Bag of Sugar*1,Passion Fruit*1;

  B.Stuffs in Real life:

  6.Stuffed peppers

  A.Materials in the game:Bell Pepper*1,Jar of Tomato Sauce*1,Slad of Red Meat*1,Rice Ball*1;

  B.Stuffs in Real life:Ingredients (4 people):4 large red bell peppers,300 g minced meat (beef or 50*50 pork-beef)

  1 medium onion, chopped,2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped,1-2 tblsp fresh basil, chopped,250 g tomatoes,chopped*

  150 g long grain rice.

  7.(Eda's) Apple pie

  A.Materials in the game:Cinnamon Apple*1,Ball of Dough*1,Bag of Sugar*1,Nutmeg Seed*1,without Nutmeg then it's

  Apple Pie;

  B.Stuffs in Real life:1 kilo firm apples,300 g self-raising flour,150 g witte basterdsuiker,200 g cold butter

  2 tblsp sugar,1*2 tsp ground cinnamon,For Eda's apple pie:1*4 tsp ground nutmeg.

  8.Front line stew

  A.Materials in the game:Potato*3,Head of Garlic*1,Bowl of Poultry Stock*1,Parsley Leaf*1;

  B.Stuffs in Real life:1 liter poultry stock (from a cube or homemade),500 g potatoes, peeled and cut in chunks

  1 head of garlic,1-2 tblsp fresh parsley, chopped.

  Really unbelievable,isn't it? Maybe you guys guild wars 2 gold players could have a try home and share it with us!

Kale SoupFruit SauceCinnamon PinwheelsTomato SoupFruit PieStuffed PeppersFront Line StewApple Pie

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