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Good Place to farm Guild Wars 2 gold--Events in Orr Continent

02/25/2013 PM


  You might feel some poverty-stricken as you got to lvl 80,because you don't have much gold on you,do you? Or worried about the lack of karma? Here are some tips for farming Guild Wars 2 gold or karma--Keep completing the events in Orr Continent.There are 3 campsites lying in the Cursed Shore in Orr Continent,where the events will be updated very fast one after another.Keep joining them and completing them will gain you 378 karma and Guild Wars 2 gold of 1 silver and 86 coppers,and you could complete 2-3 times within 10minutes or so,of course it might be up to the amount of the players who joined the events on the map.As far as I know,Guild Wars 2 US server does get a lot of players hanging aound this area.Tips:Multiple events happening in the same time, you could join the other when you have finished some one by 70%,which could help you gain more bonus.

  Get ready before setting out:

  Ranged Weapon for AOE is necessary as there would be a lot of players who joined the events,ranged weapon with multiple AOE skills will attack more monsters.As we all know for normal monsters and Copper side monsters,you could be able to gain the bonus by hit them by one efficient attack only.Therefore,I think you won't be hesitated to use AOE skills any more,will you? For example: For Guardians you could choose to use Two-handed Staff,as it will bring the AOE skill on Key 1 easily and skill on key 3 will help speed up the spells,which would help your attacks be more efficient.

  Equipments:Get gears with much MF and GF as many as possible.

  Buff stuffs:Take some food with MF and also reinforcing stuff(if you have had some) sold in Trading post or from some NPC's.For example,Chocolate Omnomberry Creams will provide you 40% MF buff and reinforcing stuffs from Trading Post or NPC's will get you 50% MF buff.

Zoon#1:Protect the campsite for 5 minutes by killing those monsters;there is one channel between Zoon#1 andZoon#2;

Zoon#2:Protect the campsite for 5 minutes,in this area,monsters will come from the two entrances of the campsite.Besides,as soon as you complete the task of protecting,there will be two tasks of sending NPC to Zoon#3.Tips:As there are more events in Zoon#2,you could make it as your main stagnation point.

Zoon#3:The events will be triggered by the NPC where you ahve to protect the campsite and attack campsite of themonsters'. Tips:There are some temples around on Orr Continent where those Guild Wars 2 gold players who had just got to lvl 80 could gain some orange gears,42000 karma/one.



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