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Guild Wars 2 player killed opponent because of defeated in the game

02/25/2013 PM
  A New Zealand online game player killed his opponent, and just because of defeated by his opponent in the game. Although the local media did not exposure the killer's name and other info, the police think the biggest motivation is due to the Guild Wars 2 online game, because the two people have had played together in the game for hours before this murder.

  And police guessed that after the creation of the dispute, the player was ashamed into anger, and then he drove for a few kilometers to the opponent’s home, uses daggers to kill the opponent.

  The player has been prosecuted by the court as murder charges now. According to his relative s’ description, he likes to play the game, but do not addictive. They were shocked by what he had done. And local psychiatrists also think there is no direct relation with the online game.

  Here we hope all of our Guild Wars 2 gold players could have a great psychological diathesis on playing online games, and we sincerely suggest you do not disclose your home address, contact information and other personal data.

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