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Diary of leveling up-DIY on what you are wearing in Guild Wars 2

02/25/2013 PM

        Hiya,every body,I am a newbie in Guild Wars 2,you could call me Alex. I spent more than 1 month to level up my human Elementalist to lvl 19,of course, I am not an addict on playing this game,first of all, I have to do some writing things every working day which lead to less time on playing;secondly the place where I am living gets some terrible network which caused a lot of latency.It sucks when you have been waiting for the spells and finally found yourself killed by the monster when it cast out;thirdly I am eager for some teammates who could play together with me for quests or events or whatever,but till for now,no body,it seems they are so busy with their own business.

  However, Guild Wars 2 did have got me some fun.Still remembered the first time about one month ago when I played this game, I spent some hours on walking on the map to find out the Waypoints,View Point,Points of Interest,and yes,it finally made me level 3 after one death to another.What a shame! And then I found it out,that I had chase for the quests,world events, the game guides.And then I get to level 19...however, today I want to share you with some interesting factions I never met in other MMORPG before--you could DIY on what you are wearing in Guild Wars 2.

  Well, I have gained a red suit of my class.When click "H",you come to the "Hero" page where you could check out equipment you are wearing.Click "Toggle Dye Mode",you could paint the equipments according to your favorites.It's really awesome ,isn't it? Compared with the other games that you might have to spend Guild Wars 2 Gold to buy some stuff to make this happen,I have to say,Guild Wars 2 does have made great progress on designing and so on.

  To be continued...

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