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Guild Wars 2 PVP support 1200 people tripartite melee

02/26/2013 PM
The second kind of Guild Wars 2 PVP is world vs world, and the momentum is completely over 5 people at PVP. This type of PVP is a battle of honor which participated by three groups of servers and lasted for two weeks. The battlefield can support 1200 players play at the same time. And the battlefield provides a rich variety of siege weapons: demolished and arrows car, crossbows, and a colossus with no blocking.

The combat system continues with a series of consistent quality, which full of visual effect and with the first-class handle, and the combat emphasizes mobility. You will meet NPC treatment in the game from time to time, these guys can not only make your life fast reply, but also have some power of the skills which can compared with healing, such as direct reply you 75% life value of the powerful skills.

Guild Wars 2 still an excellent picture, the armor details or vegetation, also or surface effect and skills, that all satisfactory. The final step in character creation Guild Wars 2 gold game will ask you a few questions. Your answer will affect your character's initial attribute. The main task is similar to a single mode, and the copy will open at level 30. You can also take the weapon combat unprofessional.

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