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PVP Guides for Guardian in Guild Wars 2 (1)

02/26/2013 PM


  As we all know that Guardian gets power like Warrior, and dexterity like Ranger, which make Guardian most charming for most players, however, it’s not difficult to find out that not so many guardians in PVP. Still I want to share some experience here with all of Guild Wars 2 Gold players about Guardian in Guild Wars 2 PVP. It might be useful for those who are new to this game especially. Of course there are some other tips for other classes that you could have a check at.

  1. One Handed Weapon

  A. Sword, which is considered as one of the best weapons in TPVP on cost performance, gets great speed on attacking only slower than Scepter’s. Though One-Handed Sword gets only medium level on attack power, best ability of teleporting makes him stand out (Skill #2, CD of 10sec and range of 600, which could help Guild Wars 2 Gold players get to the point you want immediately. Esp. on Map3, tower, focus on the target and go through the wall, amazing, isn’t it? ).

  B. Scepter, which is no doubt the fastest weapon on attack speeding for Guardians. However, its damage is not so good, still we could increase power and critical points by 15% to strengthen it. Besides, its skill #3 combined with skill #2 of AOE could help the team mates a lot on group damage, especially works on those enemies who get low blood bar.

  C. Mace is a great weapon of all-around, though it gets slower attack speed than One-Handed Sword and less damage. Still it could gain life on a little bit, combined with skill #2, in the condition of good self-healing, then it will still performance well in PVP. Besides, skill #3 could make a block against the enemy and cause a good ranged AOE damage.

        To be continued....

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