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PVP Guides for Guardian in Guild Wars 2 (2)

02/26/2013 PM

  1. Off-Handed Weapon

  A. Shield gets a very huge range (though the effect range is not so much, still pushing the monsters off away by 320 is much effective.) Meanwhile, it could help protect the team mates. It could help increase the basic armor points by 61 and 91 addition.

  B. Focus is like Shield widely used, which brings 4 times Blinding light (even though blinding light is now one of the most weak symptoms, it could still play a very important role some time emergency). And also it could help wipe off the harmful symptoms to improve the faction of rebirth (best one). Most important is blocking 3 attacks in 4 seconds plays more and more important part in 1VS1 or some other PVP events.

  C. Torch, to be honest, is not so useful in this patch I think, however, we will check it out later for its real factions.

  2. Two-Handed Weapon

  A. Staff, personally I think it’s not used widely, however, it gets very good factions on all-around, which makes it welcomed by some PVP players as well.

  B. Hammer, if you have never used, then we could say, you have never really played a Guardian. So we could see how important it is to Guardians, as it contains both practical value and joyful factions. Skill#1 gets very slow attack speed, which might be the slowest one, however, Hammer itself gets very high damage. Even though it might be some hard to gain the protection signal by 3hits in PVP, it seems not so important still; Skill#2 might be the mail spell for high damages. Some jumping movements combines with lighting area could make a revenge-favor of 3 seconds (rebound some damages back to the enemies); Skill#3 gets the best holding factions of Guardians. It also gets very short CD time with huge range wide to 1200! It won’t be affected by the map geography. Still it gets some disadvantage, that is, it gets tracks and obviously moving signal, which might be easily found out by the enemies and they would be able to escape from it; Skill#4 named Home-run, which might give you some fantastic hitting feeling. If you want to gain points but not killing so many enemies then use it. It is very suitable for guarding home or the campsite points. Also works well in Map#3 Tower. Don’t be hesitate to use this amazing skill! Skill#5 makes a lighting area where enemies couldn’t walk in and out easily. Combined with some other skills like skill#2 might cause amazing damages. Try it out!

  C. Greatsword is the best weapon for high damages for Guardians. Skill#1,attack speed is in a level of medium or above and its highest damage is a little bit lower than Hammer’s. Guild Wars 2 Gold players could get Might after 3hits! Skill#2, we called it “whirling up”, I really like this skill personally, as it looks cool with amazing damages. Combined with lighting area could help wipe off harmful symptoms. Skill#3 “Leap of faith” is also awesome one, moving fast to the enemies with great damages. Combined with lighting area will bring you factions of revenging. Skill#4 could combine with the other skills and then cause some amazing factions of Holding, Revenging and so on. Disadvantage is its longer CD time. Skill#5 pulls enemies now and then as long as the enemies are not firmed. Combined with the other DPS skills could make you powerful in DPS!

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