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Great Changes to PVP system in Guild Wars 2: Tournaments will be free soon!

02/27/2013 AM

  In this new updated patch, Free Tournaments will take place of Paid Tournaments, which might help players get chances to play against on different skill levels to enjoy more!

  As there is a ratings and matchmaking system in place which could make those hyper-competitive, highly skilled players to stay the same with players of comparable skills level if they want, which was also the reason why Paid Tournaments brought in, however, it seems it’s not necessary any more.

  And now, 1-round Free Tournaments and 3-round Free Tournaments, both of which will use a separate rating for the purposes of matchmaking.

  I believe that most of you might get some Tournaments Tickets unused, don't you? No worries, you could exchange them for Guild Wars 2 Gold or Silver or Copper Tournaments Reward Chests at the new Ticket Merchant NPC. He is located next to the Tournament Master in the Heart of the Mists. Find him out and Talk to him now!


  Rewards for the 1-round Free Tournaments were updated as well. And also only the winning team will be able to gain A new Match Win Chest.

  Meanwhile, Qualifying Points (QP) as a tournament reward will be removed as well as the entry fee for Paid Tournaments doesn't exist any more. Still, top QP earners will be able to receive a valuable in-game prize in the future, which will be detailed in a later blog post. Please focus on us!

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