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The forever neutral race in Guild Wars 2 - Tengu

02/27/2013 AM
  There are a few races in Guild Wars 2, everybody has its own position, but there is a particular race which nearly always keeps a neutral attitude. Here let's take a look at the neutral race:

  The tengu are an isolationist avian race that resides especially inside the Dominion of Winds. They have one or two little settlements outside the Dominion as a way to both trade with and observe other races. They at the moment remain neutral in all conflicts & are deciding which other races shall be their allies and who their foes.

  Physiology of tengu

  Tengu are a bipedal avian race with ordinary slim, partially hunched, bodies. Next to their beak are 2 brief fangs. The females of their species have plainer plumage and are more often than not bigger than males. They prefer raw meat for their diet, and although avian, they lost their ability to fly in the distant past.

  Culture of tengu

  Modern tengu that live inside the Dominion of Winds have long since put aside their differences and now live under 4 houses - North, South, East, and West. These four houses are named after the winds, and were made to unify the tengu while allowing them to preserve their clans' exclusive cultures. Beneath these four houses are a variety of clans, such as Clan Talonrend.


  Throughout history, plenty of the tengu clans have actually been subjugated and forced from their homes & territory. In the past, there were 5 known tengu clans that lived all through Tyria & Cantha, although it is stated the tengu lived throughout the world incorporating in Elona. The tengu from Cantha were expelled by Emperor Usoku as he removed all non-human races from the land & were the last to leave Cantha - as such. They have the most information about what took place there.

  When the Great Tsunami of Zhaitan's rise happened, the tengu across the world saw it as a sign to return home & traveled to Tyria, a descendant of Talon Silverwing leading a charge through Zhaitan's risen forces. When they reached Tyria, they built the Dominion of Winds which resides in Kryta over what was once known as Sanctum Cay. Out of fear of a repeated past, they constructed an astounding wall to encircle the Dominion of Winds. Non-tengu are not allowed to enter their city.

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