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Guild Wars 2: Flame & Frost Storm Gathering update coming today

02/28/2013 AM
  Flame & Frost - The Storm Gathering today marks the release of new content in Guild Wars 2. This new vision has two advantages: one is the PVP add the matching system, and the other is joined to a guild quest system.

  The most notable in the new content is the guild task system, the system will offer a lot of challenge task for the same guild players, that not only can enhance teamwork but also get a lot of good reward, and makes the game association have more significance.

  The PVP also have some changes, such as the original pay championship will be canceled, the game will be formally introduced the qualifying system to distinguish between leisure players and core players, each of the Guild Wars 2 gold players in there will be able to combat with his strength close opponents, in addition to the new version also joined a new PVP map.

  The daily tasks have improved in this version which a lot of players feel dissatisfied with. Daily quests will have more change, and players will not feel bored.

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