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How to make money in the Guild Wars 2?

02/28/2013 AM
Maybe some of you may confuse about how to make money during playing the Guild Wars 2 online game. Yesterday, a player has posted a forum that he does not know about how to make money, and I think there may be other players concerned about this topic.

As he asked that he has to sit at around 4-5g right now and that seems to be the max. And when he goes to the Trading Post and sees these legendary items going for between 2-3 thousand Guild Wars 2 gold. He has no way of even beginning to make that much.

So he wants to know other players in the way of making money in Guild Wars 2. He has got the leatherworking up to 400 but to make an exotic piece and has to buy 5 ectos and then it about evens up, if not that makes maybe 20s at the most.

SWTOR has their dailies. Here he just would like to figure out a way to make some decent cash. 

Here some players have given them our ways of make money in Guild Wars 2, we hope that can be helpful for you:

Elite Member: It's funny you brought up karma, which has been considered the most expendable currency in the game. The most common problem with karma is most players can't find anything useful to buy with it; and they just have so darn much of it. 

But before you comment, the conversation was about gold and how you can gear yourself up in no time at all just by buying exotics, which is true. Exotic pieces with the stats you want to go for only a couple gold each. Useful runes go for silver. It's not beyond the realm of possibility to get a very good set of gears for 15 gold. It may not be your ultimate final set, but that would be ridiculous if it was. 

As for acquiring 15 gold, there are so few natural Guild Wars 2 gold sinks at end game (which is part of the reason you see TP numbers going up and up--the total player gold pool keeps going up and up) that you basically save everything you find. If you just play the game moderately for 2 weeks doing anything, you'll pretty much end up with 15 gold. 

Mardukk: At 42k karma a piece you will not gear out your toon in "no time at all". You also need to buy runes, sigils and exotic weapons. I just wish there was more than one karma grinding spot than cursed shores. I don't mind grinding if I can have a change of scenery from time to time. And don't say go to lower lvl zone as they will be less gold and karma for your time. They also just nerfed gold makings in Orr with yesterdays patch (addition of craptastic loot dropping champion mobs).

Scalpless: Dungeons should give you over 1g per hour. Farming high-end areas like Orr should also be profitable, but for some reason it has never worked well for me.

Dartmed: Running dungeons could give you some gold, also farming Orr can give some cool stuff to salvage. 

Last you could always buy gems or that would be what ANET would want you to do.... 

If you have any other good ways of making money in Guild Wars 2, pls make any comments on our topic.

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