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Big Changes to PvP: free tournaments is opened for all

03/01/2013 AM
  From the official site about some big changes to PvP, we all know that we do not need to pay money for playing the Guild Wars 2 paid tournaments now.

  And the official said that the free tournaments is to build a more competitive event system for the senior players, and also provide casual player is a fair play environment. As the game has got a complete ranking matching system, so the Guild Wars 2 frees up tournaments for all now.

  If you have any residual or unused tickets for the game, you may come to the heart of fog event businessman to exchange it for Guild Wars 2 gold, silver or copper. In the new free tournaments, the winner will achieve a reward of badge, otherwise, the loser will get nothing. Another big change is that the qualifying points will be removed as a reward system, high ranked QP earners will receive a valuable in-game prize instead.

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