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Easy Guides for PVP new map Spirit Watch in Guild Wars 2 (1)

03/02/2013 AM
  There was a new PVP map named Spirit Watch, which I have tried some times and gained some experience to share. I should say they are just some easy guides from me as following, where there might be some mistakes, I beg your honor’s pardon:

  Firstly, it is alike the typical TPVP map Forest of Niflhel, especially in the place around “Bear” on the map, however, much details different. In the new map, it brings in system of “challenging for the ball”, with more routes to capture points across on the map, which certainly makes Assist and Surprise-Attack much more fun. Personally, I think it might be the trend of creation in PVP system.

  Here comes the introduction for the Map: Take Place “Bear” for example, there are 5 routes of different color. Generally speaking, they are made up of 3 parts, upper, medium, lower. The upper contains ways from midpoint to other capture points, while the medium is a broad way and the lower is the base ground.

  Blue Route: the shortest way to Bear;

  Red Route: a little bit longer to Bear, not suggested to choose;

  Yellow Route: fastest to Bear from midpoint;

  Black Route: starting from the lower to the back of Bear;

  Green Route: main route, starting from midpoint to other capture points.

  (It’s almost the same as Blue Base, so we skip to talk about Red Base here.)

  From the map we could not difficultly find out, it’s best to assist midpoint from Bear and Wolf, which makes those two points of strategic importance. Guild Wars 2 gold players will know about it, don't you?

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