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Easy Guides for PVP new map Spirit Watch in Guild Wars 2 (2)

03/02/2013 AM
  Secondly, I will show you some experience about challenging for the ball:

  1. Any attack from the enemy will prevent you from taking the ball;

  2. Any invincible skills of yourselves’ might also stop you from taking the ball;

  3. If you use some skills like flash away, you might lose the ball;

  4. As you get the ball, your moving speed will be decreased by 40%, and all the skills that could speed yourselves up won’t work any more;

  5. If you hold the ball for one and a half minutes, then you might lose the ball, it will go back the point it stayed; so throw it away as quick as possible;

  Thirdly, it’s about the reward scores:

  30scores rewarded when captured all ours points, neutral and opposition points with 15scores; if you have captured the opposition points, you could gain 15scores and also make these points to neutral ones; I prefer not to put the ball in neutral points only in case team mates are around.

  Finally, about class combination: Best class for carrying matters a lot, personally recommend Elementist and Guardian. Especially Elementist could unlock the controlling skills with high speed movement. And Guardian with Great Hammer and Staff could play important role in controlling the enemy if they don't have too many classes with sturdy nature; the other classes could also to be the carrier with team mates’ assistance, as in a real PVP game, you should change your position according to the situation of the whole war and your team. And also we should choose a best Capturer with best 1V1 natures. I recommend Ranger and Guardian of DPS. Necromancer and Ranger do play very important part on this map. Traps and Stamps could prevent those carriers from carrying the ball easily, ignoring the skills of returns from the enemy. Besides, we need a best class with great speed and huge power to do the killing things, which should belong to Warrior, doesn't it?

  Now we come to have a conclusion: Have all the team members with their own task clearly. 2 seconds before the game begins, buff Speeding up. And those classes who are in charge of capturing should go to the nearest points as fast as possible; the rest move to the ball location; as soon as the carrier get the ball, the others should control the enemy and fight them behind to guard the carrier to get back home with the ball to gain 30scores; if we lost all our capture points or only one capture point left, the carrier should go to the points that has been changed color to get them back and the others take turns to be the carrier while the first carrier stays in the white points to fight for more time; if Guild Wars 2 Gold have more than two capture points, we could choose to capture all the rest of the enemies’ or scoring ourselves up; if the opposite carrier is difficult to kill, try to kill his team mates and then get back to him to save time…comes to one sentence, that is, assigning task and get changes according to the situation immediately!

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