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Interviews to Chief Designer of Guild Wars 2

03/02/2013 PM
  Chief Designer of Guild Wars 2, Isaiah Cartwright recently said to the public that their development team is working on test and improving the Rating system in PVP and WVW in Guild Wars 2. And Glicko-based formula will be used for classifying individual and team ranking. Rating for a team will be determined by the individual average data of team members’, that is, players are able to match some random team for PVP games as long as they have got to the average level. Besides, they have been working on making new systems for WVW to encourage players to join and enjoy more of the game in research of the emblem dropping rate, of course it will be updated in the official site as soon as possible.

  According to many players’ demand, a lot of new things have been added in the new PVP map, Spirit Watch, said Isaiah Cartwright, “challenging for the ball” is a good combination of Capturing and fighting. I think most of you should have experienced it, don't you? Isn’t it cool? However, there will be more updates for player-defined PVP system and E-contest system in the future.

  Isaiah Cartwright also talked about the items in the game that could be showed off by Guild Wars 2 Gold players, like weapons, equipment skills, clothing in town, titles and some other reputation achievement, which were considered as most important game elements that they will keep working on.

  As for guild quests, they were made completed by cooperation among the guild members, said Isaiah Cartwright, as they are full of challenging, one player could hardly make it by himself. For example, the first guild quest, with 3 difficulties, guild would make it according to the numbers of its members. As you active the quest, you are required to search for some monsters in the world map within limited time. Full of challenging, which allows guilds between each other cooperated to make it. It’s our goal to have all players to fight together for the glory. And more living stories will be updated in the future, but not new maps so far. As this game is full of various spells combination, which requires Guild Wars 2 Gold players to be smart enough to be a skilled player! We have been working on making some macros that suits the game. Therefore, we might not add more actions available when jumping. News of Web Armory will be informed on the official site as soon as it’s ready!

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