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Guild Wars 2 E-Sports times coming on March (1)

03/03/2013 AM
  Guild Wars 2 Chief Designer Isaiah Cartwright introduced the update of March and the upcoming contents when he has an interview. What most of our players concerned is the PVP ranking, matching system and the guild task. Here Isaiah will explain it in detail.

  About PVP/WVW

Can you make an introduction on how about the team/individual ranking work? What will be based on to distinguish between Guild Wars 2 gold players in the new patch rating system?

  A: Isaiah Cartwright: We are still working on testing and optimize our rating system, and we will use a Glicko-based calculation formula. As for the matching system, that a team's rating will be based on the average data of everyone in the team.

  Q: Do you think that the Spirit Watch PVP map is a competitive map? Why did you choose the map with this kind of style?

  A: Isaiah Cartwright: I think it has potential tremendous. There is a separate area focus on promoting many large battles. This interesting experience is different from other maps. As we saw a lot of players to add the flag mode, so we want to try this system. Before our internal test we have been developed a flag map, but which is not very good to combine with our game, we think the Spirit Watch is a very good map which fusion both the flag mode and conquer model.

  Q: Could you introduce something WVW updating coming in March?

  A: Isaiah Cartwright: We have a great team and now we are positive to make the WVW battlefield content. These improvements include a new battlefield level advanced system; it will promote the player more actively involved in WVW activity and use badge to buy more goods. We have made a survey and evaluation of the badge drop probability, and have improved model read and many smaller experiences to improve WVW battlefield.

  Q: In addition to the team ranking on PVP, are there any other content is worth looking forward to?

  A: Isaiah Cartwright: This update content will focus on the Spirit Watch map, and continue to improve the system. We will make more system for PVP and electronic competitive in the future, including custom arena and other related important function about e-sports.

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